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Death-Related Experiences
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From Ashes to Healing: Mystical Encounters With the Holocaust: Fifteen True Stories Collected and Annotated by Rabbi Yonassan Gershon

Gershon, Yonassan

This unusual book consists of 15 first-person EHE accounts by people who felt a karmic connection with the Nazi holocaust. They tell how they "were healed on many levels—physical, emotional, and spiritual—because they believed in reincarnation and psychic phenomena. Whether through dreams and visions, personal meditation, psychic readings or past-life regression therapy, each of these individuals experienced a level of reality beyond the physical world as he knew it. Through their encounters with that ‘other world,’ they were able to find strength, joy, and inner peace in this world" (p. xvii). The book also is notable in that it connects reincarnation with Jewish teachings about reincarnation. It is a follow-up on an earlier one, Beyond the Ashes, in which he presented accounts, mainly from Gentiles, on their memories of dying in the Holocaust. This one emphasizes EHEs that healed past-life recollection of dying in the Holocaust, and includes accounts of living Jews as well as Gentiles.

The central message that comes through the accounts is that the healing occurs either following the Holocaust death but before rebirth or else the recollection of that past life brings such meaning to this one that the person is not only reconciled to it but feels fortunate that it happened. For me, and I’m sure for others, these EHE accounts are not only of healing but are healing in themselves. They release the clench in the belly at the inhumanity of humans and raise the hope, and for some, perhaps the conviction, that beneficent meaning awaits all of us. Some know it now; all will know it eventually. Read this book; experience the healing yourself.

Publisher Information:Virginia Beach, VA: A.R.E. Press, 1996. Pp. xxvii + 202. Chapnotes: 175-198
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