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Natural ESP: The ESP Core and Its Raw Characteristics

Swann, Ingo

 Swann is an artist of note as well as one of the outstanding laboratory subjects of modern times. This book is an outgrowth of his own experience with ESP and his considerable ability to theorize about it. In Chapter 1, he calls for a new stage in the study of ESP—one in which the major prerequisite for understanding ESP functioning is self-experience. In Chapter 2, he redefines ESP as "the result of an external sensing by which information and knowledge is contacted and, through subliminal processes, brought into consciousness, without the use of any of the known physical senses" (p. 16). In the third chapter, he outlines the ESP process as being one in which information required exists in the core of every individual: the job is to bring it to the level of conscious awareness. In the next chapter, he relates how he had to divest himself of all preconceptions about ESP so that "my ESP core eventually opened itself to me and my conscious mind had new experience-oriented information with which it eventually established new values and appreciation for raw extrasensory perception" (p. 40). The idea of the existence of an extrasensory self is emphasized in the next chapter. Swann discovered that the best way to eliminate the interference of the conscious mind was to draw his response to the target. In the following seven chapters he explains how one can contact one's natural ESP core and how to learn from one's responses with drawings, using the basic imaging process of the psyche. In a concluding chapter on "ESP and the Future," he argues: "Only those individuals who have made some effort to locate their own raw-core extrasensory capabilities will be in a position to appreciate the age of applied ESP that is now dawning, and perhaps, to be a part of it. One's familiarity with real ESP potential is going to become—indeed it already has—a basis for comprehending applied ESP. Those who do not make an effort to locate their own core ESP will become mere bystanders, unable either to appreciate or take part in the ESP Age now nearly upon us" (p. 199).
Publisher Information:New York: Bantam Books, 1987. 216p. 77 figures; 6 illustrations; Index: 209-216; Bibliography: 205-208
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