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Observational Theory: A Research Programme for Paranormal Phenomena

Houtkooper, Joop M.

 Work that the author carried out for his doctoral dissertation at the State University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. The text is in English but the Summary and Curriculum vita are in Dutch. It contains eight chapters, four of which are experimental reports (two with coauthors) published separately in the European Journal of Parapsychology. The first chapter is introductory and the last three are methodological/theoretical in nature. This work is included here because it depicts a research program of experiments, theories, and attempted methodologies converging on a single goal-to test the observational theories of psi. Its main value is for researchers in the field or scientists in other fields who want a glimpse of ways in which psi research is relevant to the role of the observer as expressed in quantum theory. For those without access to the experimental parapsychology journals it also has value in that its chapters have been or else could have been taken from the journals. The chapter titles are (1) "Introduction," (2) "Exploratory PK Tests With a Programmable High Speed Random Number Generator," (3) "A Comment on Schmidt’s Mathematical Model ~f Psi," (4) "A Study of Repeated Retroactive Psychokinesis in Relation to Direct and Random PK Effects," (5) "A Hierarchical Model for the Observational Theories," (6) "The Hierarchical Model and the Design of Experiments," (7) "Observational Theory and Quantum Mechanics," and (8) "A Re-evaluation and Concluding Remarks."
Publisher Information:Lisse, Netherlands: Swets & Zeitlinger, 1983. 123p. Bibliography: 103-110; 5 figures; Author index: 111-112; Subject index: 113-116; 22 tables
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