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Applications of Psi
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Psychic Warfare: Threat or Illusion?

Ebon, Martin

 Although the emphasis in this popular account is on military applications of psi, it is primarily about psi research in the USSR. There are chapters on Los Angeles Times correspondent Robert Toth's interrogation by the KGB; the Nautilus hoax that escalated Soviet psi research; the fortunes of Edward Naumov; Kulagina; experiments of long-distance suggestion; studies in "eyeless vision"; the healer, Dzhuna Davitashvili; the birth of the term, "psychotronics," and interest of the KGB in parapsychology. There are three chapters on parapsychology in the West: one is about Edgar Mitchell, the astronaut who conducted ESP tests during the Apollo 14 moon flight, including an interview with him; one on the SRI remote-viewing experiments of Targ and Puthoff; and one on U.S. government interest in psi. The last two chapters discuss the pros and cons and future prospects of a psychic arms race. An appendix lists Soviet research institutes that have engaged in studies related to parapsychology. Another appendix consists of the essay, "Parapsychology: Fiction or Reality?" by W.P. Zinchenko, A.N. Leontev, B.M. Lomov, and A.R. Luria, a Soviet overview of parapsychology. A third is a letter of appeal from E.K. Naumov. A Chinese article critical of parapsychology, "The Rampancy of Parapsychology and the Decline of the Superpowers," by Hsin Ping, is also appended. It is followed by an article critical of parapsychology by Wolfgang Spickermann, which is representative of the attitude toward parapsychology in East Germany. The last appendix is an outline of a twofold project designed to examine the potential uses of extrasensory perception for "practical problems of intelligence." Written in 1952, it was released by the CIA under the Freedom of Information Act. There is a lengthy bibliography of English-language articles on Soviet and U.S. government interest in parapsychology, compiled by Marcello Truzzi.
Publisher Information:New York: McGraw-Hill, 1983. 282p. Bibliography: 262-272. Index: 273-282
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