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Imagination and Healing: Imagery and Human Development Series

Sheikh, Anees A. (Ed.)

 Most of the chapters in this collection are revisions of lectures presented at a series of conferences, entitled the Power of Imagination, organized at Marquette University. The first chapter presents a historical overview of the role of imagination in disease and healing. The remaining 10 chapters provide empirical and clinical evidence of the role of imagery in healing as well as theoretical approaches. The chapter titles are as follows: "Preface" (A.A. Sheikh); "Imagination in Disease and Healing Processes: A Historical Perspective" (C.E. McMahon and A.A. Sheikh); "Psychophysiology of Imagery and Healing: A Systems Perspective" (G.E. Schwartz); "Imagery, Cerebral Laterality, and the Healing Process" (R.G. Ley and R.J. Freeman); "Changing 'Unchangeable' Bodily Processes by (Hypnotic) Suggestions: A New Look at Hypnosis, Cognitions, Imagining, and the Mind-Body Problem" (T.X. Bar-ber); "The Use of Imagery in Alleviating Depression" (K.D. Schultz); "Imagery and Cancer" (H. Hall); "Imagery and the Treatment of Phobic Disorders" (B.K. Habeck and A.A. Sheikh); "Sex, Fantasy and Imagination: Scientific Research and Clinical Applications" (K.S. Pope, J.L. Singer, and L.C. Rosenberg); "Mind-Controlled Analgesia: The Inner Way to Pain Control" (D. Bresler); "Imagine Health! Imagery in Medical Self-Care" (M.L. Rossman); and "Imagery, Body, and Space in Focusing" (E.T. Gendlin, D. Grindler, and M. McGuire).
Publisher Information:Farmingdale, NY: Baywood, 1984. 291p. Bibl. by chap.; 4 figs; Ind: 287-289; 3 tables
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