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Experiments in Remote Human/Machine Interaction

Dunne, Brenda J., & Jahn, Robert G.

 Several extensive experimental studies of human/machine interactions wherein the human operators and the target machines are separated by distances of up to several thousand miles, yield anomalous results comparable in scale and character to those produced under conditions of physical proximity. The output distributions of random binary events produced by a variety of microelectronic random and pseudorandom generators, as well as by a macroscopic random mechanical cascade, display small but replicable and statistically significant mean shifts correlated with the operators' prestated intentions, and operator-specific patterns of cumulative achievement similar to those of the corresponding local experiments. Individual operator effect sizes distribute normally, with the majority of participants contributing to the overall effect. Patterns of individual count populations are also similar to those found in the corresponding local experiments. The insensitivity of the size and details of these results to intervening distance and time adds credence to a large database of precognitive remote perception experiments, and suggests that these two forms of anomaly may draw from similar mechanisms of information exchange between human consciousness and random physical processes.
Publisher Information:Princeton, NJ: Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research, 1991 (Nov), 1-20. 12 graphs; 18 refs; 5 tables
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