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Projetiologia: Survey of OBE Experiences

Vieira, Waldo

 The author is director-president of the newly formed "Institute of Projectiology" and editor of its Boretim Informativo since June, 1989. Vieira is also a physician working in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. The book surveys 22 years of research on the out-of-body problem. There are 15 chapters (each one with its own bibliography), plus 2 additional ones covering "open letters" and a "general bibliography about OBEs" (for Viera, "Projeciologia") (pp. 699-771). The whole work is preceded by an "Introduction" and a short glossary. Titles of chapters are as follows: (I) The Foundation of Projectiology; (II) OBE-Projectiology Phenomena; (III) Altered States of Consciousness; (IV) Manifestation Channels of Consciousness; (V) Philosophical Considerations; (VI) Previous Physical Wakefulness; (VII) Techniques of Conscious Projection; (VIII) Exteriorization of Consciousness States; (IX) Extra-Physical Moment of Consciousness; (X) Relations of Projected Consciousness; (XI) Internalization Period of Consciousness; (XII) Ulterior Physical Wakefulness; (XIII) The Subject and his "Projections"; (XIV) Relations of the "Conscious" Projection; (XV) Scientific Approaches; (XVI) "Open Letters"; (XVII) Bibliography (699-771); Indexes; a) Names (775-787); b) Places (789-94); c) Subjects (795-866). The subject index deals with nearly 2,000 topics. This has to be considered a basic reference work on OBEs.
Publisher Information:Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Editora Brasil-America S.A. EBAL, 1986. 900p. Bibl: 699-771; 40 illus; Name Index: 775-787; Place Index: 789-794; Subject Index: 795-866
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