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Beyond My Wildest Dreams: Diary of a UFO Abductee

Carlsberg, Kim. (Darryl Anka, illus.).

 This is the autobiography of a photographer. It is an EHE autobiography. Her potentiating type of EHE was UFO abduction, after which she also had psychic experiences. Her riveting narrative contains a detailed description of her abduction experiences and their aftereffects. As is the case with any type of EHE, the latter is the most important aspect. What she gained from her often harrowing experiences is first-hand knowledge of what many of the books reviewed here say, whether they offer scholarly arguments or experiential: planet Earth must be saved and we can do it if we change: if we regain reverence and respect for all forms of life and use our knowledge and know-how in the service of Earth and all its creatures, not just our own. This is what one knows in one’s being once one has entered the Experiential Paradigm and seen the world through new eyes. Carlsberg’s account is an excellent testament. She says she no longer can live a normal life became of her experiences. Although at times she feels like a leper, she would not go back. She highly values the knowing and abilities her experiences have given her. She speaks for all EHEers in the following: "I cannot prove aliens exist. I have no physical evidence acceptable to science. I only have my experiences and the effects they had on me. Those effects have been soul-stirring" (p. 264). It may even be that part of the EHE process may be having the courage to stay with your experience even if it cannot be proven or even if it can be explained away by a lesser hypothesis. Without that courage, humans may condemn themselves to the mechanistic paradigm—until it destroys the planet. It is Carlsberg’s sense, however, that we are being pressured by the aliens to evolve [into the Experiential Paradigm] and that "The Creator is not going to allow the entire Earthship to go down because one species has gone awry" (p. 266). With our technology we could be part of the solution, not the cause of the problem. But if we do not get inside the Experiential Paradigm, we will not sense the need nor be sufficiently motivated to make the necessary changes. The sad thing is: the universe does not require us to give up our selfishness and stop looking out for "No. 1." Rather, we need to know that we are the Earth, each one—and that includes all species. Looking out for Earth and all species is looking out for No. 1!
Publisher Information:Santa Fe, NM: Bear, 1995. 286p. 44 illus (40 col)
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