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Conscious Mind, Sleeping Brain: Perspectives on Lucid Dreaming

Gackenbach, Jayne, & LaBerge, Stephen (Eds.)

 This is an interdisciplinary anthology about lucid dreaming compiled by two of the best known researchers in the field. Some of the material is fairly technical, but the editors consider all of it understandable to the nonspecialist. It is in four parts. The first, "Historical and Cultural Perspectives on Lucid Dreaming," consists of three chapters: "Lucid Dreaming in Western Literature," by S. LaBerge; "Lucid Dreams in Tibetan Buddhism," by George Gillespie; and "Lucidity, Sex, and Horror in Senoi Dreamwork," by Robert K. Dentan. Part II, "Empirical Approaches to the Study of Lucid Dreaming," is composed of 6 chapters: "From Spontaneous Event to Lucidity: A Review of Attempts to Consciously Control Nocturnal Dreaming," by Charles T. Tart; "Lucid Dream Induction: An Empirical Evaluation," by Robert F. Price and David B. Cohen; "The Psychophysiology of Lucid Dreaming," by Stephen LaBerge; "Correspondence During Lucid Dreams Between Dreamed and Actual Events," by Morton Schatzman, Alan Worsley, and Peter Fenwick; "Psychological Content of Lucid Versus Nonlucid Dreams," by Jayne Gackenbach; and "Individual Differences Associated With Lucid Dreaming," by Thomas Snyder and Jayne Gackenbach. Part III, "Personal Accounts and Clinical Applications," consists of 4 chapters: "A Model for Lucidity Training as a Means of Self-Healing and Psychological Growth," by Paul Tholey; "Clinical Applications of Lucid Dreaming," by Patricia Garfield, Peter Fellows, Gordon Halliday, and Judith R, Malamud; "Personal Experiences in Lucid Dreaming," by Alan Worsley; and "Without a Guru: An Account of My Lucid Dreaming," by George Gillespie. Part IV, "Theoretical Implications of This New Research," consists of 5 chapter: "Out-of-the-Body Experiences and Dream Lucidity: Empirical Perspectives," by Harvey J. Irwin; "A Theory of Lucid Dreams and OBEs," by Sue Blackmore; "Lucid Dreams in Their Natural Series: Phenomenological and Psychophysical Findings in Relation to Meditative States," by Harry T. Hunt and Robert D. Ogilvie; "Action and Representation in Ordinary and Lucid Dreams," by Wynn Schwartz and Mary Godwyn; and "Dream Psychology: Operating in the Dark," by Alan Moffitt, Robert Hoffmann, Janet Mullington, Sheila, Purcell, Ross Pigeauand Roger Wells.
Publisher Information:New York: Plenum Press, 1988. Chap.refs; 13 figs; Ind; 30 tables
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