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Appreciating Dreams: A Group Approach

Ullman, Montague

 This distillation of Ullman’s innovative small group approach to dream sharing is aimed at both professionals and laypersons. Although the book is about the value of a group approach to dreams, many of the principles set forth can also be used by individuals working on their dreams. Ullman takes the reader step by step through the process, so this book is the next best thing to being in one of his dream-sharing groups. In fact, those who have attended his groups may also benefit from the book because it could help them to reinforce and consolidate (or perhaps dismiss) impressions and ideas gained from the group. To become intimately familiar with the process requires attending several groups over a period of time in order to become thoroughly grounded and at home. Having this book is like being able to ask Ullman a question and have it answered, right in your own home, so thorough is the coverage in this book. (Indeed, there is a section on "frequently asked questions"). There is space here only to cite the chapter headings, but most chapters contain examples illustrating key points. The titles of the 18 chapters are as follows: The Dreamer and the Dream: An Overview, including why work in dream groups?; Stage 1: A Dream is Shared; Stage 2: The Group Takes Over; Stage 3A: Back to the Dreamer; Stage #B.1: The Dialogue Begins: The Search for Context; Stage 3B.2: Playback: The Dream Itself; Stage 3B.3 and Stage 4: Orchestration-Harmonizing Image and Reality and Follow-up; The Leader; A Manual for Leaders; Leading a New Group; The Dreamer; The Group; Forming a Group; On One’s Own or With Another; A Note on Repetitive Dreams; Dreams and Healing; Dream Appreciation and Therapy (here he gives contrasts the two approaches); and The Future of Dream Appreciation. In an Epilogue Ullman points out the social and sociological value of dreams. Theory is presented as an Appendix, in which he deals with dreaming and species survival. I have often pointed out that Ullman’s group dream appreciation approach should be tried with any type of exceptional or exceptional human experience. Therefore this marvelous guide is not only useful to dreamers and dream groups but most likely to EHEs and EHE groups as well.
Publisher Information:Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 1996. Pp. xxiii + 274. Chap. notes; Index: 213-271; 21 refs
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