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Shamanism/Indigenous Peoples

Awakening Spirits. by Brown, Tom, Jr.
Black Dawn, Bright Day: Indian Prophecies for the Millennium That Reveal the Fate of the Earth. by Sun Bear, with Wabun Wind
Dreamtime & Inner Space: The World of the Shaman. by Kalweit, Holger
Feminist Theology From the Third World: A Reader. by King, Ursula. (Ed.).
Grandfather. by Brown, Tom, Jr.
Jung and Shamanism in Dialogue: Retrieving the Soul/Retrieving the Sacred. by Smith, C. Michael
Mutant Message: Downunder. by Morgan, Marlo
Shaman's Path: Healing, Personal Growth and Empowerment. by Doore, Gary (Comp. & Ed.)
Shaman’s Path: Healing, Personal Growth, Empowerment. by Doore, Gary (Ed.).
Shaman’s Path: Healing, Personal Growth, Empowerment. by Doore, Gary (Ed.).
Shamanism and the Eighteenth Century. by Flaherty, Gloria
Shamanism: An Expanded View of Reality. by Nicholson, Shirley (Ed.)
Shamanism: An Expanded View of Reality. by Nicholson, Shirley
Shamans of the 20th Century. by Heinze, Ruth-Inge
Shamans, Priest and Witches: A Cross-Cultural Study of Magico-Religious Practitioners. by Winkelman, Michael James
Shape Shifters: Shaman Women in Contemporary Society. by Jamal, Michele
Soul Retrieval. by Ingerman, Sandra
Surviving in Two Worlds: Comtemporary Native American Voices. by Crozier-Hogle, Lois, & Wilson, Darryl Babe
The Ecstatic Imagination: Psychedelic Experiences and the Psychoanalysis of Self-Actualization. by Merkur, Dan
The Shaman and the Magician: Journeys Between the Worlds.. by Drury, Nevill
The Shaman’s Body. by Mindell, Arnold
The Shaman’s Doorway: Opening Imagination to Power and Myth (2nd ed.). by Larsen, Stephen
The Soul of Shamanism: Western Fantasies, Imaginal Realities. by Noel, Daniel C.
The Way of the Shaman: A Guide to Power and Healing. by Harner, Michael
Voices of Our Ancestors: Cherokee Teachings From the Wisdom Fire. by Ywahoo, Dhyani

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