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Parapsychology: Sources of Information

White, Rhea A., & Dale, Laura A. (Compilers)

 White and Dale compiled this bibliographic handbook to the literature of parapsychology [referred to in the present volume as Sources] in order "to assist librarians, students, and others interested in psi phenomena to select wisely" (p. 14) from the large number of books and periodicals on the subject and to provide additional information sources. The longest part of eight is the first, which is an annotated bibliography of books listed under 25 subject headings. The next seven parts are on coverage of parapsychology in individual encyclopedias (general and specialized), organizations, periodicals, scientific recognition of parapsychology (including a chronology of events indicating recognition by academic institutions, graduate degrees in parapsychology, opportunities for graduate work, chronology of events indicating recognition by other disciplines, and recognition by special issues in other professional journals), a glossary, name and subject index, and an index of book and periodical titles. There are seven appendices to Parts I and II: (i) "Books Containing Glossaries," (2) "Books and Encyclopedias Containing Illustrations," (3) "Books with 100 or More Bibliographic References," (4) "Books by Reading Level Rating," (5) "Books by Type of Library Indicator," (6) "Abbreviations," and (7) "Addresses of Publishers not Readily Available."
Publisher Information:Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1973. 3O3p. Glossary: 238-249; Name and Subject index: 250-268; Title index: 269-279
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