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Dreamtime and Dreamwork: Decoding the Language of the Night

Krippner, Stanley (Ed.).

This up-to-date anthology about dreaming and dreamtime is embodied with one of today's key insights into the nature of dreaming, which Krippner states as follows: "There is an emerging awareness . . . that dreamtime and its products properly belong to the dreamer" (p. xiv). The best method of conveying the fullness of the scope of this volume is to cite the chapter titles and their authors. The titles of the six parts and the number of chapters in each are I. Current Trends in Dreamwork (3); II. Dreams in Therapy and Healing (5); III. Dreams In Creativity and Education (4); IV. Women, Sex and Dreams (4); V. Dreams in Different Times and Places (3); and VI. Frontiers in Dreamwork (6).

The titles and authors of the chapters are "Dreams for Personal and Spiritual Growth" by Louis M. Savary; "The Emergence of the Grassroots Dream Movement" by Deborah Jay Hillman; "The Dream and a Window on Your Evolving Mythology" by David Feinstein; "The Role of Dreams in Psychotherapy" by Alvin R. Mahrer; "A Psychoanalytic Approach to Dreamwork" by Wynn Schwartz; "A Jungian Approach to Dreamwork" by June Singer; "An Existential Approach to Dreamwork" by P. Erik Craig; "A Body-Oriented Approach to Dreamwork" by Adam Zwig; "Personal and Professional Problem Solving in Dreams" by Gayle Delaney; "Dreams, Literature, and the Arts" by Kenneth Atchity and Vincent Atchity; "Painting Dream Images" by Fariba Bogzaran; "Guidelines for Teaching Dreamwork" by Montague Ullman; "How Men and Women Dream Differently" by Kenneth Rubinstein; "Pregnancy and Dreams" by Patricia Maybruck; "Women's Body Images Revealed in Dreams" by Patricia Garfield; "Dreamers Do It In Their Sleep" by Karen Surman Paley; "Historical Perspectives: From Aristotle to Calvin Hall" by Wilse B. Webb; "Tribal Shamans and Their Travels Into Dreamtime" by Stanley Krippner; "Ancient and Native Peoples' Dreams" by Benjamin Kilborne; "Dreams and the Brain" by J. Allan Hobson; "Traumatic Dreams as an Earlyu Warning of Health Problems" by Robert C. Smith; "Nightmares: Terrors of the Night" by Franklin Galvin and Ernest Hartmann; "Women and Meditators as Gifted Lucid Dreamers" by Jayne L. Gackenbach; "Shared Dreaming: Joining Together in Dreamtime" by Linda Lane Magallon and Barbara Shor; and "The Puzzle of Psychic Dreams" by Jon Tolaas.

Publisher Information:Los Angeles, CA: Jeremy P. Tarcher, 1990. 304p. Chap. bibl: 271-296; 7 figs; 6 illus; Suggested readings: 297-299
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