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Dream Studies and Telepathy: An Experimental Approach (Parapsychological Monographs No. 12)

Ullman, Montague & Krippner, Stanley

"Our purpose is to present a body of experimental data relating to the theme of telepathy and dreaming and to offer a number of theoretical propositions based on our findings. It is our hope that these formulations will serve both as a guide to future work in this area while at the same time articulating with and enriching the general field of parapsychological research.

In 1962 a Dream Laboratory was established at the Maimonides Medical Center designed to explore the problem of telepathy and dreams by means of the newly discovered Rapid Eye Movement monitoring technique. The series of formal experiments initiated and carried out in this laboratory will provide the main support for the theoretical ideas to be presented. A number of developments anteceded these experiments in the effort to move toward an effective methodology and experimental design. In reviewing these rather crude earlier endeavors it was felt that, in the light of later results, some of the findings are not without interest and possible significance.

The first of these studies was carried out before current dream monitoring techniques were available. The procedure used and the results obtained are briefly described in Chapter I. The next study was based on the use of the Rapid Eye Movement dream monitoring technique and took place in a laboratory made available on the premises of the Parapsychology Foundation. Chapter II deals with the initial efforts to develop a dream-telepathy experiment based on these new physiological measures for determining dream onset and dream termination.

The first formal dream study, undertaken at the Maimonides laboratory in 1964, is reported in Chapter III. In 1964 Dr. Stanley Krippner became associated with the laboratory and helped launch the next experimental studies. These are presented in Chapters III and IV, illustrating the way in which the basic methodological design evolved over the course of the past several years.

The theoretical distillate of our work is summarized in Chapter V. Here attention is called to the great range and diversity of experimental approaches needed to more fully explore the parapsychological implications of our own nocturnal existence."

Publisher Information:New York: Parapsychology Foundation, 1970. ll9p. 18 illus. 16 refs
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