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Dreamwork for the Soul: A Spiritual Guide to Dream Interpretation

Guiley, Rosemary Ellen

The author states that this is "a guide to ... high dreamwork—working with dreams as part of a spiritual path to wholeness and enlightenment" (p. ix). It is aimed at both beginners and those who are experienced in working with dreams. Part I consists of 3 historical chapters, the last being an alchemical approach to dreams. There follow 4 chapters on parapsychological dreams, with separate chapters on OBE dreams, lucid dreams, and shared dreams following a general chapter. Next are 7 chapters on "High Dreamwork," which review traditional meanings of dream symbolism and interpretation, plus a chapter each on dream incubation and improving dream recall. Section IV, "Mastery of Life," is more practically oriented. There are chapters on healing dreams, enhanced creativity, guidance, "voices of authority," and "turning points." Spiritual Initiation is the subject of Part V, which includes spiritual awakenings," "working with masters and guides," and angelic encounters. Then come 3 chapters on dreams related to death, and the last two chapters are on dreams of the past, including past lives, and dreams involving the future of humanity as a whole.

In addition to bibliographic notes by chapters there are two bibliographies: on recommended books on dreams and one on the related subjects presented. Certainly Guiley has provided an overview and inner view of the broad spectrum of dreams and related experiences. It’s a great read for someone who doesn’t remember dreams and thinks dreams are nonsense. It should be of value to EHEers or anyone on the spiritual path who may want to know more about the transformative nature of dreams, and some principles that apply also to other types of exceptional experience, of which Guiley provides examples.

Publisher Information:New York: Berkley, 1998. Pp. x + 386. Bibl. of recommended books about dreams: 357-361; Bibl. of related subjects: 363-368; Chapnotes: 349-356; Ind: 369-386; 1 port
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