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Death-Related Experiences
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Consciousness and Survival: An Interdisciplinary Inquiry Into the Possibility of Life Beyond Biological Death

Spong, John S. (Ed.)

 This is the proceedings of a symposium sponsored by the Institute of Noetic Sciences convened at Georgetown University on October 26-27, 1986. The purpose of this conference, according to Bishop Spong, was to examine anew the concept of life after death after having stripped away the traditional religious content that formerly surrounded it. A total of 11 papers are included. The titles of the papers, and their authors, are as follows: "Survival of Consciousness after Death: A Perennial Issue Revisited," by Willis W. Harman; "The Cartesian Presuppositions of the Survival Hypothesis," by Antony Flew; "Altered States of Consciousness and the Possibility of Survival of Death," by Charles T. Tart; "The Survival of Consciousness: A Tibetan Buddhist Perspective," by Sogyal Rinpoche; "Can Our Memories Survive the Death of Our Brains?," by Rupert Sheldrake; "Neuropeptides, The Emotions and Bodymind," by Candace Pert; "A Possible Conception of Life After Death," by John Hick; "The Mind-Body Problem and Quantum Reality," by Paul C. Davies; "The Inner Self-Helper: Transcendent Life Within Life?," by Jacqueline Damgaard; "Survival of Consciousness After Death: Myth and Science," by Stanislav Grof; and "Near-Death Experiences: Intimations of Immortality?," by Kenneth Ring. The book closes with excerpts from the panel discussions held during the conference.
Publisher Information:Sausalito, CA: Institute of Noetic Sciences, 1987. 190p. Chap notes; 1 fig
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