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All of the reviews and abstracts of books Rhea White wrote for the two journals she edited and published, Parapsychology Abstracts International and Exceptional Human Experience have been included in the EHE Network’s Book Review Database. Although what is up there now includes almost everything that has been published, book reviews from the last issue of Exceptional Human Experience will be added in the near future.

The reviews have been entered in a databased collection of over 1,300 titles, each with a short review (though some are the length of regular book reviews), synopsis, or abstract. One user remarked, “These titles represent a richly diverse sampling of literature relating to human potential. and are a delight to read just out of curiosity.”

Although the Network ceased publishing its journal and newsletter, Rhea continued to write reviews and as we find them we will add them to the EHE Network’s Book Review Database.

The EHE Network’s Book Review Database is composed of two different subject areas. Primary coverage has been given to books relevant to exceptional human experience, or the transformative potential of anomalous and non-ordinary experience. There also is a section of books on parapsychology.

The books in both the EHE Book Review section and the Parapsychology Book Review section have been arranged under various subject headings appropriate to the subject matter. Some of the same books are listed under both major headings because they are of interest to both those who want information on parapsychology and those who are interested in finding out about various types of parapsychological experiences they have had as part of the work involved in potentiating the meaning of their experiences. The primary difference in the two book review sections is that the parapsychology books tend to emphasize evidential aspects whereas the books on exceptional human experience tend to emphasize the meaning of the experiences. Some books do both in varying degrees.

Although the user can search on any subject heading he or she desires (and if the term is in the abstract or title of a book, it will display relevant book reviews), for those who want to read several reviews of books on the same major topic, it would save time to search one of the subject descriptors used in compiling the list. Click on the name of the list you want to search and the headings will appear. Then click on the headings in that listing of your choice.

To browse the EHE Network’s Book Review Database, click on one of the category links, or use the search fields.

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