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Maria Cassano Smith


Editorial Assistant, Exceptional Human Experience Network
Layout Editor, Network Publications, Exceptional Human Experience, EHE News

As an eighth-grade English teacher at Woodmere Middle School, I facilitate the teaching of reading, writing, speaking, and listening with a middle school "Team" model. Throughout my day, I collaborate with a team on lesson plans, curriculum, interdisciplinary units, field trips, student intervention, and teaching methods. As literary advisor, I edit the school's literary magazine, Woodmere Star, and the school newspaper, The Boulevard. I frequently inspire student participation in essay contests and publications. Many of my students have been published in national publications. Beyond the classroom walls, I have presented at a number of conferences including a "Teachers Can Write" workshop at the Long Island Writing Project Fall Conference 1994. I have also presented for the Long Island Language Arts Conference 1996, the Long Island Reading Council Conference 1996, Hofstra University's Graduate Science Education Program, Summer 1995, and Delta Phi Epsilon's Convention, 1996 in Phoenix, Arizona.

My Avocation: I am an active volunteer for my sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon International.As V.P. of Membership and Recruitment, I have administered workshops on recruitment, time management, and women's awareness issues.

Job description: As Associate Editor for the EHE Network, I work part-time during school and summer vacations at a variety of computer tasks associated with producing the Network's books, journal, newsletter, brochures, and databases. I am involved in project organization, training of assistants, editorial work,quality control, layout, and innovative procedures for expediting work flow. I have participated in two book-length projects involving creating specifications,scanning text, and editing and finalizing copy for In the Zone by Michael Murphy and Rhea A. White (New York, Penguin/Arkana, 1995) and Women and Parapsychology edited by Lisette Coly and Rhea A.White (New York: Parapsychology Foundation, 1994).


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