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About Exceptional Human Experiences

Rhea A. White  

This section is composed of several relatively brief and some full-length, in-depth articles. All but one are written by Rhea White.

For brief pieces about EHEs, see “Exceptional Human Experience: A Brief Overview,” “What Are Exceptional Human Experiences?,” “The Collective Message Inherent in Exceptional Human Experiences,” and “The Import of Individual Exceptional Human Experiences for the Species-And Beyond.”

Three other brief pieces are primarily lists of what we consider to be key aspects of EHEs: &lquo;Concomitants of Exceptional Human Experiences,” “Triggers of Potential Exceptional Human Experiences,” and “Aftereffects of Exceptional Human Experiences.”

The longer articles consist of Suzanne Brown’s background paper, “Exceptional Human Experiences: Rethinking Anomalies and Shifting Paradigms,” which is her take on EHEs from her background as a long-term EHEer and her training as a cognitive psychologist.

White, when she originally coined the term exceptional human experience, included the word “Human” primarily because she was interested in verbal reports of experiences and only humans could provide them. In “The Human Component in Exceptional Human Experience” she describes the realization that came to her after studying hundreds of descriptions of experiences that the word human is relevant to EHEs in a much more vital, integral, and meaningful way than she originally imagined. In “The Inward Olympics,” which was originally given in Olympia, Greece, she writes about how EHEs deepen as well as raise and broaden consciousness and thereby foster a deep sense of interconnectedness and awareness of the divine immanence of all things. In “Exceptional Human Experience and the More That We Are,” she describes the lifelong process initiated by EHEs that progressively connects us to everything else, both within and without.


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