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Last Update: 07 July 2001

The Purpose of EHESHARE

The object of this particular list is to serve as a forum for people to discuss their anomalous experiences and their transformative potential in evolving a personal philosophy stemming from those experiences.

The Director of the EHE Network, Rhea White, expresses the primary aim of this list server as being to explore all types of anomalous/exceptional experiences as potential openings to a meaningful process which, by means of various associations, influences, and aftereffects, can introduce the experiencer to his or her larger self, one that is more connected to all life and the sacred, and that can unfold a sense of purpose as well as shed meaning and light on our ordinary daily lives.

When viewed as seed experiences, these nonordinary, unusual, and sometimes paranormal and transcendent experiences can change our sense of who we are, why we are here, and the nature of the universe that enfolds us. Sharing your own experiences and those of others and helping others to see the meaning of their experiences while others shed light on your own takes everyone further along the path of what we call the EHE process.

The list is open both to members and nonmembers of the Exceptional Human Experience Network. Indeed, any one is welcome who wishes to talk about their experiences or those of others, to express their views and opinions and insights, to ask questions, and possibly answer some.

We recommend that members read the basic information about EHEs and the EHE Network on the EHE Network website, at http://www.ehe.org/.

General Rules for Participation

EHESHARE is designed to be a supportive environment for the sharing and discussion of exceptional experiences of all kinds. There is a very wide range of experience types (see List of Potential EEs/EHEs) and EHESHARE is open to all of them.

Some of these experience types may include, or be experienced or interpreted within, certain belief systems -- philosophical, religious, etc. It is our goal to make EHESHARE a place for the diversity of human experience. We as an organization do not promote any particular belief system or philosophy, except those general aims which direct the purpose of our organization, such as contribution to research about human experience, and contribution to the potentiation (positive fulfillment) of such experiences for each individual.

We ask that contributors and their accounts be treated fairly and objectively by all members, regardless of the framework in which their experience originated, or in which the individual interprets them. We welcome discussion from all perspectives, including differing views, but we strongly discourage doctrinal or lecturing discussion, as this only alienates those with differing views and makes the sharing environment less comfortable.

Legal Caveats and Related Notes

EHESHARE is privately owned and publicly operated by the Exceptional Human Experience Network. All contributions to the EHESHARE discussion list are copyright both to the original author and to the EHE Network. EHEN or its authorized agents may choose to use selections from the content posted to the EHESHARE list, in part or in whole, in this or other forms of media, now or in the future. EHEN retains all rights to replicate, in full or in part, and to edit or spell-correct if necessary, materials from the EHESHARE discussion list. For privacy reasons, EHEN will not use personal names of contributors unless permission has been asked for and granted by that contributor prior to any replication of their material.

Final Notes

EHE Network exists to facilitate the sharing of, the research into, and the personal potentiation of, anomalous or Exceptional Human Experiences. We hope you will join us!

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