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Suzanne V. Brown, Ph.D.


Director, Research & Development, Exceptional Human Experience Network
Editor, Synchronicity Connection feature of EHE News

I joined the EHE Network soon after completing my EHE autobiography. As a life-long EEer and EHEer, this singular writing exercise opened a door for me to a new way of understanding my experiences: a personally meaningful perspective, one in which studies in classical psychology, science, and parapsychology had not even come close to tapping.

Formally schooled (Virginia Tech, Johns Hopkins University) in the psychologies of memory and cognition, human information processing, motivation, personality, and statistical research, I first contacted Rhea in 1988 to request a PsiLine database search on synchronicity for my dissertation project. Over the 14 year time span between my MA/ABD to finally completing my Ph.D. dissertation with St. John's University (Louisiana) in 1993, my personal synchronicity and psi experiences continued to raise questions that yielded few authoritative answers within the traditional scientific paradigm.

During that same time span, I left full-time academia for the business world, making my mark there with Hewlett-Packard Major Account Computer Sales (top 2% in country) and IBM/Rolm National Accounts' Division Sales (selected for original NAD team). By 1990, I had sold and provided customized management consulting services to a variety of businesses, corporate headquarters, and Virginia State government accounts including management effectiveness training based on the MBTI (Myers-Briggs) and strategic business/ information technology planning. While these fields of enterprise were very lucrative, I nevertheless went on complete my doctorate and honor my life-long desire to study and contribute to the overall understanding of "anomalous" experiences. I soon came to realize that the current paradigm, including scientific parapsychology, was ineffectual to explain these types of experiences or to provide any kind of substantive value to support those individuals questioning their own experiences. It was at this time that the door to EHEN opened.

Within EHEN, my teaching, writing, research, motivational, marketing, and organizational skills and first-hand experiences with EHEs are combined--my personal life goals are being actualized. My EHEN goals include working directly with Rhea to further develop avenues for a broad-based understanding of EHEs. In this light, I have targeted several educational, research, and writing projects directed toward furthering discovery, advancing awareness, and bridging scholarly information with other EEers and EHEers.

In addition to my work with EHEN, my full/associate professional memberships include the Center for Application of Psychological Type (MBTI qualification), the Parapsychological Association, Society for Scientific Exploration, and the Psychonomic Society. I currently reside in Charlotte, N.C. with my terrific husband Ed Pickens and our two cats, Cleo and Nicky. In addition to admitting to being a perpetual student of life and learning, I also relax with bowling, hiking and tennis, as well as enjoying foreign languages, reading, cooking, coloring books, and playing the violin.


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