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Palyne 'PJ' Gaenir


Web Media Management, Exceptional Human Experience Network

My life at age 19 had an abrupt turn from early college into business management and corporate troubleshooting. After a decade of working far too many hours in business, rather than pursuing the music career I'd expected since I was five years old (I often joked I had the bad luck to be good at things I hated), my view of reality began to open up in ways rather unexpected to me, and my belief system was forced to expand until it was something new -- and so was I. This somewhat "re-oriented" my personal goals, and what I wanted to do for a living as well.

After some years of "anomalous experience" I wrote a personal case-study for a therapist friend, which I put on the internet in 1996. When I met Rhea White and the EHE Network in 1999, I encountered the concept of the "EHE Autobiography", which my account is similar to. I titled it Bewilderness, and anyone interested can find it at http://www.firedocs.com/bewilderness/.

When I was 30 I got married, an experience that in retrospect I consider just as anomalous as anything else. For health reasons I couldn't do much while carrying a child (a little girl named Rykah, born in August 1996), so during that time I taught myself html coding and expanded my graphic design skills. When she was born I didn't want to leave her, so I stuck with what I'd learned during pregnancy, and tried to find something useful to do with it that would feed us as well. As the www has progressed I've pulled my previous business skills such as project management and database design into the new work.

My personal interests lie in both the scientific and personal exploration of human consciousness and potential. This means many fields of research, from Transpersonal and Jungian Psychology to Anomalous Cognition, from History/Ancient Cultures to Physics, fall within my interests. I have strong beliefs about doing what "fulfills" one for a living, so I make an effort to put my business skills toward projects that support what I am personally interested in. I've worked for myself in the web-world since early 1996, and pretty much all my clients relate to 'consciousness', psi, or science/education in some manner.

I was introduced to "formal" scientific inquiry into Anomalous Cognition and related fields by my personal "layman's research" into the topic of Remote Viewing. In the course of this study, I met a number of people whose work and personality have been a wonderful model and influence for me, such as Dr. Charles T. Tart, Joseph McMoneagle, and Dr. Edwin May, who have set standards for scientific inquiry into human potential, and have also inspired me personally by being exceptionally decent human beings. They have helped focus me on the concept of combining useful research, personal experience and communications into my working life as well as my personal life.

In the course of developing a web project for the transpersonal experiences of scientists (TASTE), I was referred to a web site with a somewhat similar line of inquiry on the web, called Exceptional Human Experiences Network. As it turned out, the Executive Director of EHEN, (Rhea White) was the very person who had singlehandedly documented the scientific parapsychology field for decades, so I knew of her (with respect and frankly, some awe for the massive amount of work she had put in).

EHEN was considerably more expansive in their formalized goals than merely collecting experiences I found—a very exciting project! I felt EHEN would be a wonderful site for a dynamic library of experiences, among other things, and as it turned out, Rhea and EHE Network's R&D Director Dr. Suzanne Brown had a voluminous amount of information and functions they were hoping to add to their web project. So we obtained a new server host, planned a redesign and a restructuring and are now working toward the future of EHEN web media.

Personally, as of 2001, I live in the Northeast Corner of Oklahoma, where I moved in early 2000 to be near my father and his family. I am single mother to Rykah who is now five, and I run a small business with a few employees and half a dozen affiliated web contractors. We have a little suburban home with cats, fish, frogs, and whatever Rykah brings home next. The picture here is of my grandma (who lives near us now) and Ry.

Job Description: Assist EHE Network management in strategic planning of web media development; responsible for technical planning and the work of physical implementation of web media projects (sql, cfml, html, css, javascript, graphic design & general web skills). For more information about me I have a "detailed" resume at http://firedocs.com/pj/pjresume.html.


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