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Order Form for EHEN Periodicals


Check off the volume of Exceptional Human Experience and EHE News you want and return, with a check or money order payable in U.S. funds, to EHE Network, 414 Rockledge Road, New Bern, NC 28562. Note: Individuals pay $40 and receive 2 issues each of EHE and EHE News.

Exceptional Human Experience

(Semi-annual; 164 letter-size pages; $30 per year to individuals; $60 to institutions/libraries; Single issues $20 each.)
____1993, Vol. 11
____1994, Vol. 12
____1995, Vol. 13
____1996, Vol. 14
____1997, Vol. 15
____2000, Vol. 16
____2001, Vol. 17

EHE News

(Semi-annual; 16 letter-size pages, $15 per year to individuals (but $10 to those who also subscribe to EHE); $18 to institutions/libraries. Single issues $10 each.)
____1994, Vol. 1 ($7.50, because only one issue was published)
____1995, Vol. 2
____1996, Vol. 3
____1997, Vol. 4
____1998, Vol. 5
____1999, Vol. 6
____2000, Vol. 7
____2001, Vol. 8

Important notice: If you live outside the USA, please add $4 for each volume of Exceptional Human Experience you order and $2 per volume of EHE News.


Please send this form and check or money order to EHE Network, 414 Rockledge Road, New Bern, NC 28562. Thank you!


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