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EHE Network Membership

EHE Network Membership Qualifications


General Membership

Demonstrate personal interest in EHEs by submitting a written account of an exceptional human experience one has had. This account must describe the experience in as much detail as possible, including the circumstances leading up to it and any aftereffects associated with it. The account must indicate how the experience changed the experiencer's life. If it had no effect, this should be stated. If one wishes to join the EHE Network but has not had an exceptional human experience, then he or she can obtain a written account from someone one knows who has had an experience. If one does not know of anyone who has had an EHE, one can send a photocopy of a published experience that changed someone's life. The account must show how the experience was life changing. It must include complete publication information: if a book, give author's full name, full title of book, place of publication, publisher's name, and copyright date and the page numbers of the excerpt. If it is a journal article, give author, article title, journal title, volume, issue number, and first and last page numbers of the article. Summaries are not acceptable.

Fill out questionnaires about exceptional human experiences and express willingness to fill out others.

Fill out an application form that includes, in Part I, name, address, phone number, fax number, type of computer if any, e-mail address, if any. Part II asks about what type(s) of EHEs one is interested in, why one is joining, and what one hopes to get from membership in EHE Network. Members are also asked whether they want the information in one or both parts to be kept confidential. The information in Part I will be used to produce a directory of members, which will be compiled after the first year and will be sent free of charge to all those who remain active in the EHE Network.

Remit payment of dues of $40 per year.

Institutions as such may not join the EHE Network although individual members or staff of institutions may do so on behalf of their institution as long as they meet with the other membership qualifications.

Student Membership:

Full-time students may join if they meet the general membership qualifications and submit proof of their status as students. Dues for student members are $25 per year in the U.S. and $28 outside.


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