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List of Potential EE/EHEs

Rhea A. White
pub: EHE Network, Inc.
(3rd ed., June, 2000)
Copyright©2001 EHE Network, Inc.


Absent Healing

Accelerated Learning

Act of Random Kindness

Active Imagination Experience see Imaginal Experience

Aesthetic experience see Art Experience

After Death Communication

Agoral Gathering Experience

Aikido Experience

Alien Abduction

Alien Encounter

Altered Spatial Perception

Altered Time Perception

Alternate Reality Experience

Alternate Time/Timeline Experience

Alternative Healing see Healing Experiences/Approaches

Ancestral Experience

Anesthetic Experience

Angel Encounter; see also Guardian Angel

Anxiety Dream; see also Night Terrors

Anomalous Weather Control see Weather Control, Anomalous

Apparition; see also Collective Apparition


Archetypal Dream see Transcendent Dream

Archetypal Experience; see also Imaginal Experience; Mythic Experience; Numinous Experience

Architecture Experience; see also Holy or Power Place Encounter

Art Experience

Astral Projection see Out-of-Body Experience

Aura Vision


Automatic Drawing

Automatic Painting

Automatic Speaking

Automatic Writing

Automatism; see Automatic Drawing; Automatic Painting; Automatic Speaking;Automatic Writing; Dowsing

Autoscopy see Bilocation; Double; Out-of-Body Experience;

Bardo Experience see Life Between Life

Being in the Zone see Zone Experience



Blood Miracle, Witnessing

Bodily Functions, Exceptional Control of

Bodily Transformation

Border Crossing Experience

Breakpoint Experience

Breathing, Inner

Brownies Encounter

Burial Alive see Suspended Animation

Call case see Clairaudience; Voices, Hearing

Calling see Vocation, Sense of

Celestial Music see Transcendental Music

Cellular Consciousness


Chaos Experience see Desolation/Nadir Experience

Charismatic Personality Encounter; see also Exceptional Person Experience; Holy Individual Experience

Charismatic Prophecy see Prophecy

Child Prodigies see Prodigies

Childbirth Exceptional Experience

Christos Experience

Clairaudience; see also Locution; Voice, Hearing

Clairvoyance; see also Mindsight Experience

Clairvoyant Diagnosis see Paranormal Diagnosis


Coincidences, Striking; see also Serendipity; Synchronicity

Collective Apparition

Collective Consciousness see Human Species Consciousness/Connectedness

Collective Unconsciousness see Human Species Consciousness/Connectedness

Coma Experience

Conscious Dying

Contemplative Experience; see also Meditation Experience; Prayer Experience; Recollective Experience; Yoga Experience


Cosmic Consciousness/Connectedness

Cosmology, Personal see Cosmic Consciousness/Connectedness

Creative "Aha" or Eureka Experience; see also Embodied Insights

Crop Circle Encounter

Cross Correspondence

Crystal-Gazing see Scrying

Cutaneous Perception

Dance Experience

Darshan Experience


Death-Related Experiences (Class)

Death-Related Psychokinesis; see also Clock Stopping

Deathbed Experience see also Near-Death Experience; Non-Near-Death Experience; Peak-in-Darien Experience

Deathbed Observation/Encounter

Deceased Spirit Experience see After Death Communication

Déjà Vu; see also Jamais Vu

Dematerialization; see also Materialization

Demonic Encounter; see also Evil Entity

Dermo-Optic Perception see Cutaneous Perception

Dermography see Skin-Writing

Desolation/Nadir Experience (Class); see also Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; Spiritual Emergency

Diagnosis, Paranormal see Paranormal Diagnosis

Direct Drawing Experience

Direct Painting Experience

Direct Physical Phenomena

Direct Voice Experience

Direct Writing

Dissociative Experiences (Class)

Dissociative Identity Disorder see Multiple Personality

Distant Intercellular Interaction


Divine Healing see Spiritual Healing

Döppelganger see Double


Double Vision

Double-Release Out-of-Body Experience

Dowsing; see also Map Dowsing

Drama Experience

Dream Helper

Dreambody Experience

Dream, Impactful; see also Anxiety Dream; Dream Helpher; Existential Dream; Lucid Dreaming; Psychic Dream; Transcendent Dream; Transformative Dream

Dream, Lucid see Lucid Dreaming

Drop-in Communicator

Drug Experience see Hallucinogenic Drug Experience

Dying, Conscious see Conscious Dying

Earth Experience see Planetary Consciousness

Ecstasy; see also Shamanic Ecstasy


Eidetic Imagery

Electrical/Electronic Sensitivity, Paranormal; see also Street Lamp Interference

Electronic Visual Phenomena

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)




Embodied Insight

Embodiment see Inscendence/Embodiment/Immanence

Emotions, Transcendental


Encounter Experience (Class)

Encounter or T-Group Experience

Energy Experience

Enlightenment; see also God/Goddess Experience


ESP see Extrasensory Perception

Esthetic Experience see Art Experience

Eureka Experience see Creative "Aha" Experience

Evil Entity; see also Demonic Encounter

EVP see Electronic Voice Phenomena

Exceptional Human Experience (General Heading); see also Transpersonal Experience

Exceptional Human Performance/Feat

Exceptional Person Encounter; see also Holy Person Encounter

Existential Dream

Experience of the New see New, Experience of the

Extrasensory Perception (ESP)

Extraterrestrial (ET) Encounter see Alien Encounter

Faces, Paranormal see Imprints, Paranormal

Fairies, Encountering

Faith Healing

Falling Experience

Family Psi

Fantasy see Daydreaming; Imaginal Experience

Feats see Exceptional Human Performance/Feat

Feeling of Being Stared at see Remote Staring


Fire-walking see Fire-Immunity

First Contact Experience see New, Experience of the

First-Time Experience; see also New, Experience of the

Flow Experience

Folk Entity Encounter

Foreknowledge see Precognition

Fortune-Telling see Divination

Gaia Experience see Planetary Consciousness

Galactic Consciousness

Geller Effect see Metalbending

Genius, Experience of

Ghosts see Apparition; Haunt; Poltergeist

Global Consciousness see Planetary Consciousness


God/Goddess Experience

"Going Native" Experience

Grim Reaper Apparition

Group Bonding

Group Experience/Entity

Group Past Life Recall

Group Psi

Guardian Angel Encounter; see also Inner Guidance Experience; Helper Experience; Inner Helper Experience; Locutions

Guru Encounter see Holy Person Encounter

Hallucination; see also Eidetic Imagery

Hallucinogenic Drug Experience



Healing Approaches/Experiences (Class); see also Faith Healing; Intercessory Prayer; Paranormal Diagnosis; Psychic Healing; Psychic Surgery; Shamanic Healing; Shamanistic Healing; Spirit Healing; Spiritual Healing;

Healing, Psychic see Psychic Healing

Healing, Shamanic see Shamanic Healing

Healing, Shamanistic see Shamanistic Healing

Healing, Spirit see Spirit Healing

Healing, Spiritual see Spiritual Healing

Health/Well-Being/Wholeness Experience

Hearing or Reading About EHEs of Others see Vicarious EE/EHE

Heart Knowledge

Helper Encounter

Helper Spirit


Highland Sight see Second Sight

Hitchhiker, Phantom see Phantom Hitchhiker

Holy or Power Place Encounter

Holy Person Encounter; see also Exceptional Person Experience; Marian Apparition

Homing Ability see Orientation

Human Magnets see Bioattraction

Human Species Consciousness/Connectedness

Human-Animal Interaction see Interspecies Communication/Encounter

Human-Machine Interaction



Hypnagogic Experience

Hypnopompic Experience

Hypnosis-at-a-Distance see Suggestion-at-a-Distance

I-Thou Experience

Idiot Savant see Savant Syndrome

Illumination; see also Creative "Aha" Experience; Enlightenment; Koan

Imaginal Experience

Imaginary Companion

Imaginary World see Paracosm, Creation of

Immanence see Inscendence/Embodiment/Immanence

Immersive Thrill Experience

Immortality Experience

Immunity/Invulnerability; see also Fire-Immunity

Imprints, Paranormal

Incendium Amoris

Incipient Manic Psychosis

Incorruptible Flesh

Incubus Experience; see also Old Hag Experience

Influenced Writing see Channeling; Automatic Writing

Inner Breathing see Breathing, Inner

Inner Guidance Experience; see also Guardian Angel; Inner Helper Experience;

Inner Helper Experience; see also Guardian Angel; Inner Guidance Experience; Locutions;

Inner Movement

Inscendence/Embodiment/Immanence; see also Recollective Experience

Inspiration; see also Channeling; Creative "Aha" Experience;

Inspired Writing or Drawing see Automatic Drawing; Automatic Writing; Channeling;

Intercessory Prayer

Interspecies Communication/Encounter


Invisibility see Dematerialization

Jamais Vu; see also Déjà Vu

Koan; see also Creative "Aha" Experience

Kundalini Awakening


Laughter, Inward

Laying on of Hands; see also Therapeutic Touch


Life Between Life

Life Interconnectedness Experience

Life Review

Life-Changing Experience see Conversion; Exceptional Human Experience

Lifehoods, Experience of

Light Experiences

Light Beyond the Light Experience


Liminal Experience see Border Crossing Experience

Limit Experience see Border Crossing Experience

Literary Experience



Lucid Dreaming

Luck; see also Serendipity

Luminous Phenomena

Lung-Gom-Pa Running

Macrocosm/Microcosm Experience


Magnified Vision

Map Dowsing

Marian Apparition see Holy Person Encounter

Martial Arts Experience

Materialization; see also Dematerialization

Meaningful Coincidence see Synchronicity

Meditation Experience

Mediumistic Experience

Memory, Exceptional see Supermemory

Memory, Transpersonal see Recollective Experience

Metal Bending

Metanoia see Exceptional Human Experience

Microscopic Vision see Magnified Vision

Mind Over Matter see Psychokinesis

Mindsight Experience

Mineral-Human Experience

Miraculous Experience/Encounter

Mirror Vision

Missing Time see Altered Time Perception

Moebius Experience

Monition; see also Premonition

Multiple Personality


Music Experience

Music of the Spheres see Music Experience

Music, Transcendental see Music Experience

Mystic Heat see Tumo

Mystical Experiences (General Class)

Mythic Experience; see also Archetypal Experience; Imaginal Experience

NAD see Transcendental Music

Nadir Experience see Desolation/Nadir Experience

NDE see Near-Death Experience

Near-Death Experience (NDE); see also Life Review; Light Beyond the Light Experience; Non-Near-Death Experience; Tunnel Experience

New, Experience of the; see also First-Time Experience

Night Terrors; see also Anxiety Dream

Nightmare see Anxiety Dream

Noble Acts, Witnessing or Performing

Noetic Experience

Non-Near-Death Experience

Nonallopathic Healing see Healing Experiences


Numinous Experience

OBE see Out-of-Body Experience

Object-Reading see Psychometry

Odor of Sanctity see Scent, Transcendental

Odor, Paranormal; see also Scent, Transcendental

Odor, Transcendental see Scent, Transcendental

Old Hag Experience; see also Incubus Experience

Oracles see Oracular Experience

Oracular Experience

Orgasmic Experience


Other, Experience of the; see also Double Vision; "Going Native" Experience;

Otherworld Personal Future Experience

Ouija Board Experience

Out-of-Body Experience (OBE)

Outer Space Experience

Outsider Experience see Border Crossing Experience; Double Vision; Other, Experience of the

Panoramic Memory see Life Review

Paracosm, Creation of

Paranormal Diagnosis

Paranormal Electrical Effect see Electrical/Electronic Sensitivity, Paranormal

Paranormal Faces see Imprints, Paranormal

Paranormal Healing see Psychic Healing

Paranormal Imprints see Imprints, Paranormal

Paranormal Odor see Odor, Paranormal

Paranormal Sound see Sound, Paranormal

Paranormal Touch see Touch, Paranormal

Paranormal Voice see Voice, Paranormal

Past-Life Recall

Peace Beyond Understanding

Peak Experiences (Class)

Peak Performance see Exceptional Human Performance/Feats

Peak-in-Darien Experience

Performing/Witnessing Noble Acts see Noble Acts, Performing/Witnessing

Perinatal Experience

Personal Best Experience

Personal Cosmology see Cosmic Consciousness/Connectedness; Outer Space Experience

Phantom see Apparition; Haunt

Phantom Hitchhiker

Phantom Phone Call

Photography, Paranormal see Psychic Photography

Physiological Feats see Exceptional Human Performance/Feats (General Class)

PK see Psychokinesis

Placebo Effect

Planetary Consciousness; see also World-Wide Web Experience

Plant-Human Experience

Plateau Experience

Poltergeist Experience


Post Mortal Messages see After Death Communication

Post-Mortem Communication see After Death Communication

Post-Mortem Painting, Visions, Voices, Writing see After Death Communication

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder see Spiritual Emergency

Prayer Experience; see also Contemplative Experience; Intercessory Prayer; Meditation

Experience; Yoga Experience

Prebirth Experience; see also Life Between Life

Precognition; see also Premonition

Premonition; see also Monition

Prenatal Experience

Presence, Sense of see Sense of Presence

Presque Vu

Primal Life Experience; see also Life Interconnectedness Experience

Prodigies; see also Savant Syndrome

Prophecy Experience

Proxy Sitter Experience

Psi Experience see Psychical Experiences (Class)

Psi Timing

Psychedelic Drug Experience see Hallucinogenic Drug Experience

Psychic Dream

Psychic Experiences see Psychical Experiences (Class)

Psychic Healing

Psychic Imprint Encounter

Psychic Photography

Psychic Surgery

Psychical Experiences (Class)

Psychography see Direct Writing


Psychomanteum Experience see Mirror Vision; OracularExperience



Psychotherapeutic Breakthrough Experience

Psychotherapeutic Resonance

Qiqong Experience

Rainmaking; see also Weather Control, Anomalous


Raps see Sounds, Paranormal

Rapture see Ecstasy

Reading While Asleep see Sleep Learning

Reciprocal Apparition

Recollective Experience

Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis see Haunts; Hauntings; Poltergeists

Reincarnation Experience see Past Life Recall

Remote Staring

Remote Viewing

Rescue Circle

Resurrection After Death

Retroactive Psychokinesis


Reunion Experience see After Death Communications


Rhabdomancy see Dowsing

Rhythmic Experience

Rock-Human Experience see Mineral-Human Experience

RSPK see Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis

Sacred Sites see Holy or Power Place Encounter

Sacred Silence

Sacred Stillness

Sacred Vision

Savant Syndrome; see also Prodigies

Scent, Transcendental; see also Odor, Paranormal


Séance Experience

Second Sight see also Clairvoyance; Extrasensory Perception (ESP); Precognition

Self-Realization see Enlightenment

Sense of Presence

Sense of Vocation see Vocation, Sense of

Serendipity; see also Coincidences, Striking; Luck

Shamanic Ecstasy

Shamanic Experience

Shamanic Healing

Shamanistic Experience

Shamanistic Healing

Shamanistic Initiatory Crisis

Shared Anomalous Experience (e.g., see also, Collective Apparition; Shared Dream)

Shout see Spirit Shout

Shouting see Spirit Shout

Sight, Second see Second Sight

Silence, Sacred see Sacred Silence

Sitter Group Experience; see also Séance Experience

Sitting see Séance Experience; Sitter Group Experience

Sixth Sense see Extrasensory Perception (ESP)


Slate Writing

Sleep Learning

Sleep Paralysis

Soothsaying see Divination

Sorcery see Magic/Sorcery


Soulmate Experience

Sound, Paranormal

Speaking in Tongues see Glossolalia; Xenoglossy

Species Consciousness see Human Species Consciousness/Connectedness

Spirit Guide

Spirit Healing

Spirit Photography

Spirit Shout Experience

Spiritual Emergency/Emergence Experience; see also Desolation/Nadir Experience; Shamanistic Initiatory Crisis

Spiritual Healing

Spontaneous Cures

Spontaneous Human Combustion

Spontaneous Remission see Spontaneous Cures

Stair Flying

Staring, Remote see Remote Staring


Stillness, Sacred see Sacred Stillness

Street Lamp Interference; see also Electrical/Electronic Sensitivity, Paranormal

Sublime, Experience of the see Numinous Experience

Suggestology see Accelerated Learning; Supermemory

Supermemory; see also Accelerated Learning

Supernatural Assault see Incubus Experience


Suspended Animation


Synergetic Experience

Synergistic Experience see Synergetic Experience


Table Turning see Sitter Group

Table-tipping see Sitter Group

Tears, Transcendental see Weeping, Transcendental

Telekinesis see Psychokinesis



Telesthesia see Clairvoyance

Temperature Changes, Anomalous


Therapeutic Touch

Thought Transference see Telepathy

Thoughtography see Psychic Photography

Token Object Reading see Psychometry

Touch, Paranormal

Trance Running see Lung-gom-pa Running

Transcendent Experience see Numinous Experience; Mystical Experience; Peak Experience

Transcendent Dream

Transcendental Emotion see Emotion, Transcendental

Transcendental Music see MusicExperience

Transcendental Odor see Odor, Paranormal; Scent, Transcendental

Transcendental Tears see Weeping, Transcendental


Transformative Dream

Transpersonal Experience

Transpersonal Memory see Recollective Experience

Tumo Experience

Tunnel Experience

UFO Abduction Experience see Alien Abduction

UFO Encounter see Alien Encounter

Uncanny Feeling/Sense

Unitive Experience

Unorthodox Healing see Healing, Experiences/Approaches

Vanishing see Dematerilization

Vertigo Experience; see also Immersive Thrill Experience

Vicarious EEs/EHE

Virtual Transcendent Experience

Vision Quest Experience

Visionary Experience; see also Sacred Vision; Vision Quest Experience

Vocation, Sense of

Voices, Hearing

Void, Experience of the

Walk-In Experience

Water Witching see Dowsing

Weather Control, Anomalous

Weeping, Transcendental

Wholeness see Health/Wholeness Experience

Wilderness Experience

Wonder, Experience of

World-Wide Web Experience

Xenoglossy, Recitative

Xenoglossy, Responsive

Yoga Experience; see also Contemplative Experience; Meditation Experience; Prayer Experience

Zero Ground Experience

Zone Experience


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