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EHE Network Periodicals: Exceptional Human Experience and EHE News

(2nd ed., 1999)

Exceptional Human Experience (EHE) serves as a forum for ideas and methods aimed at putting heart into science through the medium of exceptional human experience. Exceptional human experiences (EHEs) occur spontaneously and do not appear to originate in the immediate sensory environment. They come from that in ourselves that is beyond the skin-encapsulated ego. EHEs are an intuitive, empathic form of communication and knowing that relates the individual to others and distant times and places in an immediate way that fosters direction, connection, communion, and creativity

The aim of Exceptional Human Experience is to foster the possibility of being guided by EHEs, at first or secondhand, when studying them. This does not rule out traditional scientific approaches, but it differs from them in that scientifically unproven data are used before they have been verified or their dynamics understood. Our basic assumption is that older methods and views can only touch the surface of EHEs and are incapable of providing any deep understanding. EHEs, on the other hand, have always been the means by which humans have moved forward into the unknown (certainly the "eureka" experience is an EHE as are exceptional human performances when new records are set in sports). Once we take a fresh look below the surface at the full range of anomalous paranormal and transcendent experiences, we may be in a better position to investigate them.

Based on EHE accounts, Exceptional Human Experience favors data, methods, and theories that shed light on the possibility that EHEs could be considered forms of personal response to the environment and indicate an alteration in the sense of self. They provide the person who has them with something fresh and new that could not have been deliberately manufactured. EHE is dedicated to discovering whatever meanings can be discerned in EHEs by (a) looking at the broader context in which these experiences occur; (b) examining the ways in which they connect people to unsuspected levels of themselves, to others, and to the universe at large; (c) describing ways in which the meaning of these experiences can be teased out and augmented and amplified by searching the literature of psychology, religion, philosophy, parapsychology, anthropology, sociology, philosophy of science, quantum physics, the humanities, and even magical and occult texts; and (d) showing that EHEs themselves should provide the impetus for research into them. Both traditional masculine and feminine qualities are essential to moving forward in these challenging areas. EHE is thus interested in the approaches of feminist science, postmodernism, hermeneutics, humanistic and transpersonal psychology, narrative approaches, phenomenology-any approach that can draw out the larger meaning of an exceptional experience by seeing how it involves the person who had it in an ever-widening spiral of connection and creative expression. In this view, an EHE is seen as the beginning of a dynamic process, not a static happening.

To accomplish these ends, each issue of EHE is in two parts. Part 1 consists of refereed articles on approaches to the study of EHEs as well as experiential accounts of various types of EHEs. EHE autobiographies are featured. They entail an experiencer writing his or her life story in terms of the EHEs he or she has had and how they influenced his or her life, identity, and worldview. Part 2 consists of summaries of books (average of 60 per issue), articles, chapters, research reports, dissertations, and pamphlets arranged so as to highlight various aspects of exceptional human experience. With its 300+ abstracts, the summaries in Part 2 in effect provide readers with their own library on exceptional human experience available when needed, its contents made accessible by means of the very detailed subject index.

As an illustration of the articles in Part I, a recent issue carried intuition researcher Bill Taggart's "Discovering and Understanding Intuition." There is a long first-person account of a near-death experience with an introduction and commentary by Kenneth Ring, who edited and prepared the manuscript for publication after the experiencer's death; there are 7 EHE autobiographies, including those of John White and John F. Miller III. In toto, these narratives provide a broad spectrum of different types of EHEs and illustrations of the many ways in which they can transform persons and lives. Part 1 closes with psychologist Jean Mundy's account of what she saw and experienced during a crop circle tour in England.

Part II contained abstracts on Aftereffects of EHEs; Altered States; Children and EHEs; Consciousness; Death-related EHEs; EHE Autobiographies; EHE Portraits; EHE Process; EHE Support Groups; Exceptional Experiencers/Participants; Experiential Paradigm; Famous People and EHEs; Healing; Induced EEs/EHEs; Methodology; Mystical EHEs; Nadir Experiences; Peak EHEs; Popular Trends and EEs/EHEs; Projects if Transcendence; Psychical EEs/EHEs; Scientists/Scholars as Participants; Self; Shamanism and EHEs; Spiritual Emergence/Emergencies; Surveys; Synchronicity; Techniques; Terminology; Tests; Theories; Ways of Knowing; Working with EEs/EHEs; and abstracts of articles in Part I.

EHE is published twice a year, averages 168 pages letter-size, and contains extensive author, title, and subject indexes. EHE is $30 per year for individuals in the U.S. ($34 elsewhere) or $60 for institutions in the U.S. ($64 elsewhere). Use the order form provided.. Check off the volumes you want and return it with a check or money order payable in U.S. dollars to: EHE Network, 414 Rockledge Road, New Bern, NC 28562. Information on a special rate for purchasing a complete set of EHE is available.


The first issue of a semi-annual newsletter entitled EHE News appeared in December 1994. The newsletter is 16 letter-size pages and is published between issues of Exceptional Human Experience, which is also semi-annual. The newsletter publishes brief nontechnical articles on aspects of exceptional human experience; short experiential accounts; review articles of important books; Suzanne Brown's column, "The Synchronicity Connection"; annotated bibliographies; summaries of dissertations on EHEs; information on other organizations; letters; and announcements.

Both the journal and the newsletter are edited by Rhea A. White with Stephanie Gauper as Assistant Editor, and are published by the Exceptional Human Experience Network (EHE Network for short). EHE News is sent to all members of the EHE Network. Individuals in the U.S. may subscribe at the rate of $15 per year ($10 to EHE Network members and subscribers to Exceptional Human Experience, which is $30 per year). Institutional rates are $18 per year in the U.S. Institutions and individuals add $2 if outside the U.S. A combined institutional subscription to Exceptional Human Experience (which is $60 per year without EHE News) and EHE News is $70. Add $6 if outside the U.S.

Persons interested in contributing to either publication should contact Rhea A. White. Please read the Guidelines for Exceptional Human Experience first in case there are questions.


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