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EHE Network Membership

EHe Network Membership Benefits


  1. A volume of the journal, Exceptional Human Experience, consists of 2 issues published irregularly.
  2. A volume of the newsletter, EHE News, consists of two issues published each year in the spring and fall.
  3. If they do not already have a copy of Vol. 11, No. 2 of Exceptional Human Experience, new members will receive a copy of the book Exceptional Human Experience: Background Papers, which is a collection of unpublished and previously published documents on the origin of the term exceptional human experience, methods of studying it, and ways of working with EHEs, including how to write an EHE autobiography. It also suggests how EHEs interface with other fields, such as anthropology, humanistic and transpersonal psychology, literature, psychotherapy, religion and sociology, and future possibilities of working with EHEs.
  4. A free search of the Psiline Database System. The Network will conduct one search per membership period. These bibliographic searches can be for a single term (e.g., psi missing, telepathy, multiple personality), or a combination of up to four variables per search (e.g., clairvoyance experiments with children in classroom situations with free-response targets). Note-the two to four subjects must involve only one pass through the database. The Psiline Database System is composed of several databases; the number of databases to be searched for a given question will be determined by the searcher. The member must specify whether they want to receive the results as a printout, floppy disk, or by email. The disk we send will be a 3.5, 1.44 MB IBM compatible floppy. The charge is $1.50 for the disk.
  5. Members will receive an additional search of the database for each new member they recruit. The new member must give the name of the member who recruited them when applying for membership.
  6. If members have no immediate need for a Psiline search, they may save them, but only active members can use them. An application form is enclosed.


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