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EHEN News and Updates
EHE Network News and Updates

EHE Network News and Updates

July 15, 2007. In February of 2007 the Founder of this site, Rhea White, passed away. She left the site to the Parapsychology Foundation in her will and it is our intention to maintain the site as an informational resource for those who have had or interested in the deep and meaningful experiences Rhea dubbed exceptional.

Check back on this site for new additions and changes. You can also sign up for the Foundationís e-mail newsletter by going to our main website, http://www.parapsychology.org and entering your e-mail address in the sign-up box. Or write to us directly at office@ehe.org.

To read the Parapsychology Foundationís tribute to Rhea White, please click here.

A Survey of Human Experiences

December 21st, 2007: Drs. Carlos S. Alvarado and Nancy L. Zingrone invite you to take part in their survey of human experiences. Whether you answer questions in the positive or negative, your responses will contribute to a deeper understanding of some everyday experiences. To take the survey go to the following website: http://www.studyofhumanexperiences.org

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Exceptional Human Experience Network